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Brands, celebrities and development

Guest blogging by DIIS researcher on 'Aid Watch' and 'TripleCrisis'

Following the recent release of their book Brand Aid: Shopping Well to Save the World, Lisa Ann Richey and DIIS senior researcher Stefano Ponte have been asked to contribute to two influential blogs:
A piece entitled ‘Are Celebrities Good for Development Aid?’ was posted on April 4, 2011 on Aid Watch: Just Asking that Aid Benefit the Poor, a blog managed by William Easterly and Laura Freschi at the Development Research Institute, New York University.
A piece entitled ‘Product (RED), Brand Aid and Celebrity-Driven Development’ was posted on March 30, 2011 on TripleCrisis: Global Perspectives on Finance, Development and Environment, a blog co-chaired by Kevin P. Gallagher, Boston University and Global Development and Environment Institute, Tufts University (GDAE) and Jayati Ghosh, Nehru University and Economic Research Foundation, Delhi.
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Updated: 04/04/11