5. august 2013 | Regaining a future
Lessons learned from youth education in fragile situations
Evidence from Ghana and Burkina Faso
Policies that help to win elections (good politics) may be bad economics for farmers
Kommende evaluering er vigtig anledning til at vurdere tjenestens styrker og svagheder
24. maj 2013 | The New Kings of Crude
Upcoming book on China and India's oil interests in the Sudans
Unge fra konfliktramte lande kan genvinde en tro på fremtiden gennem uddannelse
DIIS researcher examines oil, transparency, and accountability in South Sudan
DIIS researcher discusses the focus on growth at IDA-seminar, 23 April 2013
Arguing the case for a stand-alone goal on reduced inequality
9. april 2013 | Kampen om Afrikas jord
Artikel om muligheder og riscici ved handlen med jord
Processes of Economic Development in Contexts of Weak Governance and Political Instability
The EU and global public goods
18. februar 2013 | Practice makes Perfect?
DIIS Report debates the EU in the post-2015 negotiations for a development framework
Udviklingsministeren er vært for internationalt møde om ulighed og udvikling
DIIS Report on the future of EU development cooperation
Kan demokrati udvikles nedefra i skrøbelige stater?
Why a programme can fail though initiated by the most powerful elites
28. november 2012 | Debating Zero Tolerance
It's time to discuss the twenty-five year-old policy.
28. november 2012 | Debatten om nultolerance
Det er tid til at drøfte den femogtyve år gamle politik
Land tenure systems and their relationships with economic activities in rural Uganda
Linking research findings and practical experience
Det ny Afrika har brug for en aktiv erhvervspolitik der gør noget ved fattigdom
FN's Millenium Development Goals skal fornyes
26. september 2012 | The Sudans meet in Addis
Luke Patey discusses the role of oil in peace talks
25. september 2012 | Elite formation in Mozambique
The importance of economic and political liberalization for elite formation
Special Issue of Journal of Legal Pluralism on International Development Interventions
5. september 2012 | Jobs – Aid at work
Conference on aid and job creation, October 8th, Copenhagen, Denmark
Artikel i Jyllandsposten diskuterer udviklingen efter Busan topmødet
Meles Zanawi was a transformational leader of Ethiopia. Will/should his legacy last?
New article by Marie Juul Petersen in Development in Practice
Despite a clean-out of heavy-weights, the ruling party, CCM, is still firmly in power
DIIS Comment af Lars Engberg-Pedersen og Ole Therkildsen
15. juni 2012 | The Byways of the Poor
Organizing Practices and Economic Control in the Developing World
13. juni 2012 | Developmental leadership
From above – and from below
Are liberal-democratic constitutions necessarily good for economic transformation?
EU's udviklingspolitik på et fundament af kviksand
Launch of blog to debate the political economy of development
The domestic and foreign policy challenges of a controversial export
"The dynamics of legal pluralism in Mozambique" edited by Helene M. Kyed et al.
Ny artikel om religion og udvikling af Marie Juul Petersen og Ben Jones
Supporting Agro-Industries in Africa
Exploring Western donor efforts to engage China on development in Africa
Ruling elites often focus on staying in power
DIIS report on the OIC's new human rights commission
Luke Patey's comments to the Wall Street Journal
New-Wave Land Reform in Tanzania
Surrounding conditions influence the development of the industry in different ways
DIIS researcher calls on India to name a special envoy to Africa in The Hindu
The fish sector is in decline because initiatives to manage the resource are not enforced
Promoting dairy helped the ruling coalition but sustaining fisheries was too costly
The dairy sector in Uganda developed because of unique political circumstances
Exploring the prospects of a new oil pipeline in East Africa
Den større sammenhæng er en diskussion værd
Analyse af udviklingsminister Christian Friis Bachs rettighedsbaserede udviklingsbistand
Case studies from Afghanistan and Iraq
Danskere i kamp i Tysk Østafrika under 1. verdenskrig
Analysis of OIC's new human rights commission by Marie Juul Petersen
The difficult roads to productive sector development
Foreign aid needs to focus more on economic cooperation and productive structures
The Political Challenges
Erfaringer fra 50-års dansk-tanzaniansk bistandssamarbejde
5. december 2011 | Sudan Looks East
New book on China and India in the two Sudans
The debate has turned down a cul-de-sac
Det 4. bistandstopmøde på 10 år starter i dag i Busan, Korea
Professor Mustaq Khan’s presentation is available
This hurts producers but benefits the ruling elite, the bureaucrats and the consumers
14. november 2011 | Lurking Beneath the Surface
High-Valued Natural Resources and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding
when engaging in productive sector development
Seminar paper and presentation available
Land Reform in Tanzania
Udviklingsbistanden blev diskuteret i P1 Formiddag
DIIS Comment af Marie Juul Petersen
Case studies on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, Ghana, Marshall Islands
Traditional Authorities in Somaliland and the Limits of Hybrid Political Orders
Ruling elites’ strategies for political survival!
Luke Patey in Middle East Policy
DIIS Comment af Adam Moe Fejerskov og Lars Engberg-Pedersen
DIIS Comment af Lars Erslev Andersen, Lars Engberg-Pedersen og Nauja Kleist
DIIS Comment af Lindsay Whitfield
Foreign Direct Investment-led development and extractive industries in Africa
New article in Third World Quarterly by Ben Jones and Marie Juul Petersen
Why we must shift the focus of development aid from poverty to industrialization
DIIS Comment af Lars Engberg-Pedersen
Ny serie af dansksprogede DIIS Comments om udviklingspolitiske problemstillinger
New book with in-depth case studies on the role of customary justice in war-torn societies
New article in Voluntas by Marie Juul Petersen
DIIS Comment by Lars Engberg-Pedersen
Free elections and good governance do not secure better economic livelihood
PhD defence by Birgitte Lind Petersen
10. juni 2011 | India in Africa
Exploring the Indo-Sino rivalry for Africa's oil
Tank Irrigration in India
Climate change negotiations and development cooperation
2. maj 2011 | Afrikas forbandelse
Luke Patey kommenterer i Politiken
DIIS Comment by Luke Patey
Budget-like support during post-conflict reconstruction can be a fundamental necessity
Power point presentations from the Kapuscinski Lecture
Research unit at DIIS changes focus
Spring seminar series at DIIS
10. februar 2011 | Fragile discourses
Why do donors use a terminology that is misleading?
Historical relations more important than Realpolitik
Donors and NGOs, where are you?
5. januar 2011 | Kina kan ikke redde Sudan
Luke Patey kommenterer i Information
What the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, keeps quiet about
DIIS Policy Brief based on conference discussions
Johannes Lang, Luke Patey og Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen får Sapere Aude-bevillinger fra DFF
Securitization of development or developmentalisation of security?
The process and the consequences
Slow and uneven progress
Præsentationer fra seminaret
26. november 2010 | Oil on Sudan's troubled waters
Harry Verhoeven and Luke Patey in the Guardian.
26. november 2010 | Medborgeridealer i forandring
Ny artikel af Birgitte Lind i Tidsskriftet Antropologi
Presentations from the seminar, 19 November 2010
Daniel Large and Luke Patey on Sudan's upcoming referendum
Traditional leaders and justice reform in Sierra Leone
Podcast of Luke Patey's seminar at the National University of Singapore
What does it mean and how does it occur?
More effective means of preventing corruption should be considered
New journal article by DIIS-Researcher Helene Maria Kyed
9. november 2010 | How students fare
Article by Birgitte Lind and Jytte Agergaard on everyday mobility and schooling in Nepal
9. november 2010 | Important about RSS feeds
If you receive RSS feeds from diis.dk, please update now
9. november 2010 | Vigtigt om RSS-feeds
Modtager du RSS-feeds fra diis.dk, skal du opdatere nu
Reducing crime - but doing it 'the dirty way'?
Extensive use of soft law regulation strengthens Member States vis-à-vis EU institutions
Luke Patey writes in Making Sense of Sudan
Sejler vi fremad med strømmen mod stormen?
28. september 2010 | Crude Days Ahead for Sudan?
Luke Patey's new article on oil and Sudan in African Affairs
The experience of Ghana and its implications for development aid
24. september 2010 | Små lette hop på stedet
Debat om resultaterne af FNs topmøde om 2015-målene
India’s National Oil Company and International Activism in Sudan
30. august 2010 | 2015
What lessons can we learn from the Millennium Development Goals?
29. august 2010 | Diskussionen om Afghanistan
Læs briefet bag 'rapporten'
DIIS Comment af Lars Engberg-Pedersen
Hiring, firing, transfer, demotion and promotion practices in the public sector
- but unachievable agenda for poor countries, says Mustaq Khan
Member state interests stand in the way
Perspectives from those who did it
International conference discussed legal pluralism in Mozambique
Bistanden kan ikke opnå resultater alle steder
Call for papers
- og arbejde aktivt for saudiarabisk involvering
The EU’s attempt at promoting democracy as part of its development policy is ineffective
Aid, famine and adaption to food insecurity in North Wollo, Ethiopia
Nordisk Afrika Institut lancerer online forum om udvikling og bistand
- outcomes of development aid are difficult to plan
20. april 2010 | Oil and Politics in Sudan
Luke Patey in the-african.org
A decade of learning revisited
Sådan lød oplægget i P1 Morgen
Diskussion af den nye danske udviklingspolitik i P1 Horisont
Competition over resources generated from the markets shapes national political struggles
25. februar 2010 | Ny udviklingsminister
Søren Pind vil være et aktiv for bistandsdebatten
Regeringens udspil til en ny udviklingspolitik
10. februar 2010 | Reframing the aid debate
Blog on aid at DIIS
Poverty reduction must be comprehensive, relational and global
Tre seminaroplæg er tilgængelige her
Call for papers
11. januar 2010 | Sikkerhed og udvikling
Kan udviklingsbistanden skabe sikkerhed – og for hvem?
What is the moorings, usage and future of the PRSP in Mozambique?
17. december 2009 | Reframing the aid debate
Why aid isn't working and how it should be changed
House projects and governance relations in Maputo, Mozambique
Politik skal koordineres for at skabe udvikling, men ringe koordinering er værre end ingen
The role of non-state actors in post-conflict policing and security sector reform?
New chapter from Luke Patey on Post-2011 scenarios in Sudan
New DIIS Working Paper examines three principles of non-state informal organisation
DIIS Comment by Morten Broberg
New DIIS Working Paper examines Afghan State-building Viewed from the Margins
Transborder economy and state-making in borderlands
New article from Luke Patey in Journal of Modern African Studies
DIIS coorganizes international conference in New Delhi
Ownership - Direct support to the poor - European development policies
9. november 2009 | How do donors think?
DIIS seminar discussed how ideas, research, bureaucracy, context influence donor thinking
Europæiske udviklingsdage i Stockholm
New working paper examining Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper process in Bangladesh
New working paper looks at the many roads taken and why few pass by Paris
Ghana’s December 2008 elections were very competitive, free and fair
Lancering af Afrikansk netværk for brugerstyret landbrugskonsulenttjeneste
Launches a new website and its first working papers
10. september 2009 | Sisyfos på overarbejde
Internationalt udviklingssamarbejde i 2020
7. september 2009 | Fuelling Mistrust
Luke Patey comments on oil in Sudan on BBC World Service
The Arctic, piracy, development aid, and much more...
Ny forskning om dansk udenrigspolitik offentliggjort den 6. august
How to make sense of transfers of political concepts, models, ideas and institutions
Ole Therkildsen has written a background paper for this report.
Lindsay Whitfield is co-editor of the book and author of three chapters
Lars Buur, Neil Webster and Lindsay Whitfield organized a panel at the conference.
24. juni 2009 | Efter 2015
Konference diskuterer afløser til FN’s udviklingsmål.
Fieldwork between October 2008 and June 2009.
To forskellige tilgange til udviklingsbistanden diskuteret på P1 Morgen.
Tre rapporter diskuterer finanskrisens indvirkning på udsigten til at opnå 2015-målene.
Freetown book launch of 'Security System Transformation in Sierra Leone, 1997l-2007'
PowerPoint presentations from the seminar are now available.
Neil Webster on the organizing committee of the FAU conference.
France Bourgouin joins the research unit for Politics and Governance.
Seminar satte spørgsmålstegn ved bistanden.
A Review of Approaches for Strengthening Voice and Accountability in Local Governance.
25. marts 2009 | The Horror of the Mob
The Violence of Imagination in South Africa
'Local, Regional and National Dimensions of Identity in Sudan’
18. marts 2009 | Den fælles fremtid
Engelsk konference om udvikling i finans-, klima- og fødevarekrisernes skær.
DIIS researchers gave four seminars for the Danida Fellowship Centre course.
Neil Webster joins International Advisory Board.
Ole Therkildsen, Lars Buur, Neil Webster and Lindsay Whitfield attended from DIIS.

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