natural resources and poverty

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Natural resources, governance and poverty

- governance of natural resources in the context of inequality and global flows

Rural populations' access to and use of natural resources is increasingly shaped by global processes such as climate change and global flows of water, investments, e.g. in land, energy, minerals and people. We examine how such global processes and flows express themselves in developing countries at the national, sub-national and local level and what the implications are in terms of poor people's access to natural resources and more generally in terms of poverty, inequality, sustainability and institutional practices.

Our research unit brings together different activities, ranging from comparative research programmes to individual research projects and policy studies. Currently, we focus on the following issues:

  • Climate change
  • Water governance
  • Land tenure and land conflict
  • Environmental governance

Currently, our central research themes are: 

(Detailed description of the research unit, pdf)

Helle Munk Ravnborg, Head of the Research Unit


Updated: 13/03/12